If Only


Published by: Sony Pictures and Home Entertaiment

Released: 23 January 2004

Language: English

I and Asma just finished watching If Only. British film in 2004. Waw! We were elementary school students that year. I watched this film before, but I still love watching because this film is soooo good! It’s kind of similar with the book i read before, The Gift by Cecelia Ahern. And hey! I’ve just realized the main character has similar personalities with Lou Stuffern. Busy man? Yes. Tempramental? Yes. A bit for both of them. Forgetting his woman’s / family’s big moment? Yes. Meeting someone who make him realized it? Yes.

The character in this film are Ian and his girlfriend, Samantha. Just like Lou Stuffern in The Gift, Ian was given a chance to cherish the time with the one he loves but in different way. And yes, this story included the death of the character. If Lou was given something to duplicate himself so he can do his business and family things in the same time, Ian was given a replay of the day to “.. appreciate her. Love her.”

I got a point from this film. In this film Ian thought that he could change the future, like we are downloading, we can cancel it. But he couldn’t. Yes he changed some events a little but the certain events definitely still happened in different way. From this scene i take that we can’t change out fate. What ever will be, will be. Mayhe we can make a little difference, but in the end it will happened. It must be done.

Besides the story, I also love the songs. Love will show you everything and Take my heart back.

“I love you, you love me. Take this gift and don’t ask why.”


Just a little more time was all we needed. Just a little time for me to see.”

“The way you loved me. Vanished all the tears.”