The best people of 2017

I’ve never thought of making this post, but my recent activity of making some posts of my 2017 moment made me. So, I spontaneously thought about my best partners, friends, guru, or whatever you might say, of my journey this year.


People say that, you can see the true personality of someone while in the lowest level of your life. You can see whether their faces they made was only their mask or not. Your true friends and family will do something, whether they give you advice, motivate you, or even do the most trivial thing – giving you company to release your stress. They will do anything to make you be and feel better.

I’m better, for now. So, thank you although sometimes I acted so childish, foolish, and even selfish, you still willing to be beside me (I don’t know if they have a specific reason behind it).


Pandora, peti yang harusnya tak terbuka.

peti yang harusnya dengan rapat tersimpan.

Pandoraku, sempat kubiarkan diintip.

Hanya orang tertentu.

Orang-orang yang menjadi kelemahanku.

Kubiarkan mereka sekilas melihat bagian teratasnya.

Kini, sudah saatnya untuk mengunci pandora itu.

Pandoraku, kali ini akan ku sembunyikan.

Pandoraku, tiba saatnya nanti

Akan menjadi abu bersamaku.