1001 Questions: “Who keeps you in check?”-Lala Bohang

To those who are lost, worry not, me too. However, I’ve just ralized that the thing that keeps me from moving forward is the lack of (self) questioning, which the act of look ing into myself and find the burdens. Additionally, sometimes, I’m also afraid to give the real answer. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know what has been implicating me, but I’m scared to admit it. So, I decided to make this project with an aim for self introspection.

At the mean time, I take the questions from “The Book of Questions” written by Lala Bohang, but perhaps there would be some questions that come from myself later.

Siapa yang selalu mengingatkanmu?
Who keeps you in check?

Whether you realize it, genreally, people tend to not pay enough attention of the people who have been stay with them. The ones who support them either in their most generous moments or in their sorrow. If I didn’t get this question, considering their presence might never even cross my mind.

This question has just made me wonder the reason why I never thought about it before. Then I realized, there is a main factor that made me hadn’t been aware how important those people are, it is the sense of habit.

In my view, sometimes we usually remember the support that comes from our acquintances instead of from closest relatives. That is when the sense of habiit/familiarity affects us. When your acquintance helps you, you might take it as a debt that should be paid someday in the future. Meanwhile, when the support comes from your friends or close family member, it would be just it. I don’t have an exact explanation to describe it. It’s like your subconscious see it as an ordinary event because it happens constantly. It doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate their helps. In fact, I think you work mutually and they have your greatest consideration. You’ve just never noticed it since it has become a habit and you are comfortable with them.

On the other hands, this question has certaintly opened my realization that their presence could change, either it is steered by the change of their priority or your relationship. We all know that people come and go in our life although a few of them stay, even forever. If you take a look into your past, you might find there are some people whom had been in your company, but they are gone now. Otherwise, there are some people whom used to be strangers to you, but they affects your life in the present.

So, if you ask me “who keeps me in check?” Besides some of my close friends, I will certaintly answer “my parents.” No matter how far i go, no matter how mad we were when we were arguing, and no matter how presumtuous I might be, they always stay by my side and they always welcome me when I need them. Parents may see your worst character and deal with your worst situation, but they stick with you.

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